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To promote International enrollments from India, a significant number of Universities from around the world have setup local recruitment cells to pursue a more active enrollment strategy. These recruitment cells are over and above the archetypical strategies deployed by the Universities such as, having multiple recruitment agents, attending recruitment fairs and partnering with Indian Universities. Sears enables Universities to deploy a more effective and targeted enrollment strategy and to directly engage in activities to develop and promote awareness of the University’s programs amongst Indian students.

This scheme aims to provide aptitude to the Indian youth towards major skills and raise the standard of working and the efficiency to complete the job. The enrolled students are motivated by giving monetary rewards to increase them and providing them with quality training. The scheme also intends to increase the employment rate from 4.9% in 2014. India has the largest number of youth, and the PMKVY will benefit them and make them the most employable and with better skill sets by the year 2022. Scheme has been rigorously implemented in states like Bihar/ Jharkhand/ West Bengal/ Gujrat / UP to make the X/XII and Graduates dropouts skilled and employable.

Skills imparted by this scheme are according to the current job requirements assessed by the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC). Currently, about 430 job roles are being catered by this Kaushal Vikas Scheme.

Affiliation with Sears Inc

Sears Inc, the No.1 training partner in Delhi, Gujrat, Kolkata could be a learning organization created to enhance the standard of education in India according to Education Service Program. It focuses on high-quality, low-cost, and explicable interventions to handle gaps within the education system. The main aim of the Sears Inc is to unfold smile on all faces. True it's name, it's the primary major organization to attain lasting, wide-scale success in India's academic, health and plenty of other field. This has been created potential attributable to varied policies and techniques adopted by the organization and also the diligence and dedication of the whole team. Sears Inc has worked on totally different social projects for education, children, women employment, special needs, health care, elderly care, environment and skill development. Sears Inc is not only for senior citizen, for children, for women, for youth, but it's for all. Sears Inc who strongly believes in spreading Sears Inc on everyone's face by helping all. It's a multi facilitated group registered by government, engaged in providing training/education in the field of Banking, Marketing, Finance, IT, Animation ,Multimedia, Management, Retail, Apparel, Electronic Installation, Beauty Wellness, Agriculture etc.